Li’l Champs


1 thought on “Li’l Champs

  1. Hi Aditi

    You have done a great job by posting this picture of ours.

    Hey Li’l champs, be prepared for the next blast at Kaushal uncle’s house.
    We have to rock the evening. Our Kaushal uncle and Kajal aunty are music lovers and their whole family is musical so think something musical, if possible, to be presented to them.

    By the way I m BHARGVI and hope u all know that SHONA is my nick name…

    Gosshhhh !! Thank god u all recognised me at the last, so be in touch with me and with all too ofcourse for presenting the gala musical evening..

    You know papa’s mobile net started working so m feeling very lucky to comment on this blog and now shall keep writing to you all.

    Chalo chalo, I have to go now as Mummy is screaming to come downstairs for lunch, so byeeeeee everybody and have a great funday sunday

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