Achhe Din ….

(…..writing on eve of the 1st day of Vikram Samvat 2071)

Here’s wishing you all a Joyous Deepawali & a Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Been away from here for too long….. actually more than a year has passed since I or any of you guys have shared anything here. Time to change that.

A lot of water has since flown under the bridge. Some of the Sunrise Parivar kids have entered adolescence while a few are just about to hop out of it and enter early adulthood – the unabashed youth. The magical age at which anything seems possible & achievable.

Our country has also witnessed paradigm change as far as politics is concerned. BJP has achieved total majority in parliament and is also routing its opponents in the assembly elections, state after state. It has decimated opposition recently in Haryana and Maharashtra assembly elections.

Cricket has lost ground in popularity. Kabaddi has gained and other sports have also picked up. Hope this trend continues. Equation is simple, if other sports also get equal attention, our medal tally at international competition improves BUT on the flip side, if we keep loving cricket blindly, bank account of cricketers, cricket administrators and ad-makers grow fat. Choice is yours to make.

Our honorable PM Shri Narendrabhai Modi has launched Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. I had once heard a dialogue in a movie which inferred that we get what & how we think or want, i.e. we get our police exactly how we wish it to be like & we get our politicians exactly how we wish them to be like. So it is us that need to change in order to bring success to this humongous task that our PM has initiated. Come, let us all take this pledge that we will not litter and we will not tolerate anyone littering in the area close to our residence & shop or office. (doesn’t mean that we go and pick quarrels with anyone who litters around, instead we clean the dirt and then request him/her to not litter anymore)

-Nitesh Punjani


Inviting your views on……



Let’s all wake up from our slumber and keep this blog buzzing with activity. I invite all the members to share their views on the above subject.

Kids can take it as an essay writing assignment. Our “better-half” is also cordially invited to grace this blog with their insights. Everybody can express their views in whichever language they feel comfortable.

A very smart & nifty tool to easily type in multiple Indian languages is available HERE. All you have to do is type your thing in the box there, select the resultant text and paste it in the box here.. as simple as that!

A gujarati – english – gujarati dictionary is also available HERE.

expecting all round participation.

regards | niteshp |

Great Beginning

On, 17.01.10 sunday eve, we had great fun at the program arranged by us the li’l champs of sunrise group.In this program,I did 2 items -first duet dance with Bhargavi n second solo dance.I think this is the great beginning!!!  

 I hope this unity will be carried on……

-Aditi (one of the sunrise li’l champs)



There’s a woman,

who hugs me every day

who holds me all day.

there’s a woman,

who cares for me

who wants me biside

her all day long.

there’s a woman,

who’s laps are heaven for me.

there’s a woman,

who’s face i want to see

at the movement i wake up.


       M  O  T  H  E  R



Pics @ Kodai Farm House Picnic

Jalsa @ Anand Baug (Kodai Farm House) …….

3rd of Jan was the day! Anand Baug Farm was the venue!12 out of 17 members of our group could make it! And boy oh! boy, did we enjoy ourselves?…….. We had a blast of fun!!

First of all, our cordial thanks to the owner of this farm house, Mr. Sureshbhai Gada.  We had every amenity in the farm house available at our disposal and never for one moment we felt that we were in some remote village. Its a grand place to own and the chikkus we had there were as sweet &  naturally fresh, as we have seldom tasted before. Big swimming pool (alas! we could not make use of it due to chilly season), green plantations, adjacent cricket ground.. all the ingrediants of loads of fun were there at one place.

The food was great – all thanks to Neelesh for arranging the breakfast and lunch. And Kapil, thanks for the yummiest Pav-Bhaji dinner at your place in Bidada. We enjoyed it thoroughly. (btw Kapil, I’m sending you an invite on your email id to join this blog as an author. We are expecting active participation from you, buddy!)

I am uploading some of the pictures here, rest you can find at this Web Album.

(Edit: Sorry, will upload pics later, as will have to resize them)