Nitesh here. But this blog is not about me.

It is about a circle of friends who have grown up together in a small town called Adipur. We are together since last – can’t remember how many years! But, yes. We are there for each other, in the times of distress, in the times of joy, in the times of sadness….. We’ve been through all of it and we have been together!

I and a couple other friends will update this blog regularly about daily activities, thoughts, events and what-nots… of Sunrise Group!

Be Seeing ya’ll…!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Am Tejas Sompura one of the pillar of Sunrise Group, Adipur.

    First of all congrats to Nitesh Punjani, without this man this site can’t be create…. Once again Heartily congratulation to him.

    It’s very interesting….

    Requesting all of you to visit the site and give yr comments and update also.

  2. Hi Dear All….

    My self Chetan Dagha, one of the members of SUNRISE – Group Adipur…First of all thanks to Mr.Nitesh PP…. (He is famous in name of “MAMA” in our Group) ….for launching this superb Weblog. Main aim for this site to bring more & more close to each & every friends & sharing their all views of life & other activities.

    May request all of you to visit this site & give your best to us & all….waiting 4 yr good contribution & knowledge.

    With Heart
    Chetan Dagha

  3. Hi !

    I am Rupesh Thakker and i am a little part of BIG Sunrise group.

    I am 37 years old. I have only one too much co-operative wife.

    My elder daughter Zeal. too much slow (opp-her mother) in all type of work but she is very lovable.

    My younger son Bhargav is too much fast and hyper active in any physical activity. He loves everybody around him, but he cant express it like me.

    I live with my sweet mother & sincere papa.

    I have some lovable friends they are not only friends, they are all my brothers.

    Whenever I need support in any bad or good phase of life, I always find them beside me.

    These all the spices of my life & heart.

    હુ મને પોતાને ખુબ ખુશનસીબ માનુ છુ કે ભગવાને મને આવા માં-બાપ, આવી સુશીલ પત્નિ, આવી લાગણીશીલ દીકરી, આવો નટખટ દિકરો, અને આવા ભાઈ થી પણ વિશેષ દોસ્તો મલ્યા છે. ખરેખર આનાથી વધારે ભગવાન કેટ્લી ખુશી આપે? મને મારી જિન્દગીની બધી ખુશી મલી ગઈ છે આનાથી વધારે મને કાઈં નથી જોતુ.

    I am so happy with what God has bestowed upon me in my life.

    અને એટલેજ હું મારી feelings અહીં share કરું છું.

    love to all of you dear.

    Rupesh Thakker

  4. hi
    Dear frnds
    After so so many years i had seen all of you on our group blog n i am so happy to see you all together without me but its ok. How can you complete the photograph of sunrise group without me but it s ok its so nice to share a moments with frnd specially when you cant meet face to face like me so its good way to sharing n thanks to jagu that she gave me information about the blog so its very good thought n i congratulate to all sunrise group members for launching this.
    ok than good bye
    n take care n remember me always.

    • Hi,
      First of all thanks for visit our group blog….

      y’day hv organize get-2-gather at Rajvi Resorts on occassion of Dhuleti…
      Very soon hv upload all the G2G pics on this blog…

      Keep in touch

      till then….. bye

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