‘We Share…..” segment of this blog!

We have a segment called “We Share…..” in this blog. This segment is for posting all the material that we have not written but have received in an email or have read on internet somewhere or from elsewhere. I would request you all fellow authors of this blog to give full credit to the original writer of the matter that we are sharing so that nobody’s sentiments are hurt.

Our intention is to spread the ‘good word’, no matter whoever has written it. But that does not undermine the value of the original writer. So, henceforth I hope everybody will make sure to credit the article with the original writer’s name and link – wherever possible.

પણ જયારે આ સુવિચારો અમને ઈ-મેલ મારફત મળતા હોય અને તેમાં રચનાકાર નું નામ ના લખ્યું હોય તેવા કેસ માં આજ ખુલાસો આપણે શેર કરેલા લેખ ની નીચે લખી નાખવું જેથી વાંચનારને ગેરસમજ થવાનો પ્રશ્ન જ નાં રહે.


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